Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's all in the timing

God picked a good week to allow this knee injury/soreness. I did take Tuesday off to rest it, but in class Dr. Dave said he would not be here for class Thursday (today), so he encouraged us to do a cross-training day. Awesome, that gives me an extra day of rest since i wouldn't be pounding my knee constantly with running.

So today my friend Bob and i went to the Washburn University Student Wellness Center.... holy cow. It's like being at some elite training center. It's like no gym i've ever set foot in. When i was at WU (10+ years ago), there fitness center comprised of two SMALL rooms. one with free weights and the other with outdated nautilus equipment (which is still there today). Man, has that campus changed since i walked the halls there.

But anyway, today we did 'circuit training' - kind of. we warmed up with 4 laps aroudn the track, then some seated bycicle for 15 mintues, ab machine for two sets, run 4 laps, eliptical machine for 15 mintues, ab machine, 4 laps, treadmill for 15 mintues, and a 4 lap finish. My knee help up quite well. My lower back was hurting, but that's been an issue since high school (and the 8 year old mattress i'm sleeping on). It's been a few hours since the work out and my knee still feels good. my legs are tired so i got a good workout.

Saturday will be the real test as i'll be running for an hour and a half. We see if the knee is okay or not. healing prayers would be appreciated.

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