Saturday, February 04, 2006

"I'm on top of the world!"

first off, several people have said they've tried posting a comment but are unable to. I dont know what the issue is but i apologize for the inconvenience. if you would like to respond to a post, just send me an email instead.

Okay, this morning.... the timed 5k....
As i stated in the last post, according to the good professor, i can expect to run the 5k at a pace of about a minute more per mile than my "all out" timed mile from before. that would be basically 26 minutes and 30 seconds. I then said that i am shooting for a sub-30 minute time to better my last 5k run of 32 minutes flat (Sunflower Games - July 2005).

The results are in.... mile one = 8:40, mile two = 9:15, and mile three = 9:03. add those up and you get a final time of 26:58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much better than i expected. Actually i was second guessing myself just prior to the 'race'. i had my timer set at 9 minute intervals. That allowed me 10 seconds more than the professor said we should strive for. But just before we started, i bumped the interval time to 10 minutes cause i got scared. If you average out my mile times, it ends up being right at a minute more per mile than my "all out" timed mile..... imagine that. i guess the good professor knows what he is talking about, ha! (by the way, his name is Dave so i may just start referring to him as that in my posts)

And the kicker is, that i actually felt a lot better when i finished the 3 miles. so technically, as far as taxing out heart rate... i could have really run that 5k faster. but it was nice to not feel like i was going to collapse at the end!

so i've got TWO personal bests today! number one was bettering my 5k time by 5 minutes which is basically 1/6 of my old time. and number two was that i ran it without walking. See, ever since i began training last year, from day one i emplemented the 'run 10 minutes, walk one mintue' routine because that's the way we'll run the marathon basically. so i've never (in my life) run more than one solid mile without slowing down to walk!! Today i ran THREE and still felt great at the end!

so, i am very excited today! of course right now, 4 hours later, i want to go to sleep cause i'm thouroughly tired!

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