Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hope in view

I took Josie to the Dr. today cause the fever and other symptoms have continued. he wrote her a new script for Albuterol for her breathing treatments and feels that with her Pulmocort (another breathing treatment med) should knock this out.

I had a great appointment with the physical therapist yesterday. My gastroc tendon in the back of my legs (achilles, etc) is very tight so i can't lift my feet real far (pointing my foot up as i plant my heel), so the tendon(s) in the front of my foot have to work harder to pull the foot up. this obviously makes them tired very fast and begin to burn/hurt = all my lower leg and ankle pain! also my arches, that appear normal actually flatten out when i step down and i over pronate to some degree = arch pain.

so the treatment..... a lot of stretching my gastroc tendon throughout the day and to try a good set of orthotics (shoe inserts). If the over the counter ones don't do the trick, he'd custom fit me a pair (like your comment Susan)He feels this will eventually alleviate my pain. That is fabulous news, except, with only two months to go, i'm not sure how much more flexibility i can get before the race. Oh, and the cause of my knee pain is most likely directly related to my over pronation that pulls my lower leg out of allignment with my upper leg, causing my knee cap to basically come out of it's normal groove with every stride = inflammation and pain.

So, although the knee pain is somewhat "injury" related, it all stems from a biomechanical imbalance i have, plus tight tendons = all of which is correctible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had a feeling it was more in the mechanics of my stride than an over use injury. as of right now, i am feeling GREAT about the prognosis and i'm looking forward to more productive runs and workouts.

i'll let you know how the 9 miler goes Saturday morning.


Bob said...


That is great news! Keep the good attitude and always have to finish in mind. You're awesome dude:)


Bob said...

Oops! Always have the finish in mind.