Tuesday, February 21, 2006

First off, Josie is sick today. She started a dry cough Sunday morning. Yesterday she coughed all day (every few minutes) and she had a fever by evening. Tracy stayed home with her today and took her in to get a strep test. it was negative but they said her tonsils were swollen. no meds at this point. I called to check on her and Tracy said she just out of it and about to fall asleep again (after sleeping half the evening and sleeping in until 9:30 this AM.).

As far as the run this morning, it was okay. i only did 2 of the 3 runs because my right knee and groin were starting to hurt again. my ankles were hurting like crazy, but i had Bob running next to me to talk with, to 'will' my way through it, but once my knee started hurting i knew i better stop. it is now the afternoon and my knee is hurting much more than this morning. this may mean taking off Thursday again (trade the regular workout for some other cross training activity) because we've got 9 miles to run Saturday. If i didn't say so on my last post, because the weather was so cold and we stayed close to "home base" to keep out of the cold, we didn't get a full 9 miles in, so we are redoing the originally planned run this weekend. We originally had about 40 people in the class. 18 showed up for the "artic run" last saturday. today i counted just over 20 in class. some people may have just been absent, but there must have been some more that have dropped the class. Again, i am striving NOT to be one of those so i am being extra cautious with my knee, etc, making sure i can still make the long runs (Saturdays) which is vital to marathon success.

I have an appointment scheduled with the physical therapist tomorrow after work. i am hoping for some answers and maybe some corrective things i can do to aleviate the pain in my lower legs and feet.


David Hinkle said...


It would be worthwhile to talk to Rick Tague at church. He is a runner and a nutrition expert/physician plus he's an elder at FBC. I think you could find some good direction from him on alleviating the pain and moving forward toward the marathon.
David H.

kevin said...

WOW - Sure sounds like a lot of work - definetly well worth it I suspect. I have been working out at the YMCA - in preparation for my new job. Some manual labor involved. Very small in comparison to what you are doing, but I feel your pain in a teeny tiny way! Love ya man -

Susan said...

Hi Shawn,

I've been following your efforts with admiration. However I'm worried that you're damaging your body permanently by running through all the pain you're having.

You might need orthotics to help keep your knees aligned and feet feeling better. An orthotist could watch your gate, take a plaster of paris impression, and design some insoles for you.

As for Josie, I'll be praying that her cough is gone soon.

Susan T, Vancouver Canada