Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Better Day

Things were much better today. Still physically taxing, but without yesterday's pain. Today we ran flights of stairs, jumped rope, steps (stepping up and down from an elevated platform/stair), and then some ab work. Then you repeated that cycle several times... my thighs were about to give out the last time up the two flights of stairs.

Today we also got the results back from some 'testing' last week...
Maximal oxygen consumption - the body's ability to take up, distribute, and use oxygen during physical activity. The better this score - the better your chances to sustain the activity level and effectively use the oxygen you take in. It appears my "VO2max" is in the "excellent" range. As exhausted as i was at the end of that mile run (you pretty much go all out for the mile time - not just a jog) with my heart about to jump out of my chest. i'm not buying my "excellent" ability to maximally utilize the oxygen i take in. it was beating so fast i could hardly count the beats for the 15 seconds. the goal, through training is to get to where your heart beats fewer times at the same activity level. you'll read below that i ran a 7 minute 49 second mile time, and my heart rate was 160 bpm. for me that was a much as i could tax my heart and not collapse (though i wanted to). so as i increase my heart's ability to utilize oxygen more effectively, at the end of the semester i should be able to run that same mile at that same time with a slower heart rate -OR- run an even faster time with a heart rate of 160 still. does that make sense?

Another test was for fexibility - which i already knew i was not, period. And the results confirmed that. if there was a "sub-poor" catagory for my age group, i'd be in it, but "poor" is as low as you can get. guess what i need to work on?

The last test was body fat percentage. i was pleasantly surprised with that - although, the instructor said it's results are conservative - it was still MUCH lower than what my scale at home reads.

Our instructor today said that to give us an idea of what we should be running the 5K (3 miles) in this suturday, we should add about a minute onto the mile time we ran last week. now remember, i thought my chest was going to explode after i "ran" that timed mile. i ran it in 7 min 49 seconds. so i should be running each mile this Saturday at sub-9 minutes. During my half marathon training if i got started out running at a sub-10 mintute mile, i felt it after the first mile and slow down. So if i need to target a 8:49 mile saturday, i suspect i'll be filling the same way i did with the mile. i just can't imagine sustaining that kind of exhuastion.

but there is a method to all this madness. tuesdays and thursdays ar faster, more intense work outs to biuld overall speed and agility to better prepare us for the marathon. iwon't be running the marathon at a pace that produces the exhaustion i feel during these 'time trials'. Last July i ran the 5K - my first race since i was a freshman in high school - was about 33 minutes i believe = 11 minute miles. so my goal saturday it at least a sub-30 minute time. but i should run it in about 27 mintutes according to the calculations above.

Enough boring numbers. i'll check back in after the Saturday run!!

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