Sunday, February 19, 2006

Battle of the Will

If my car's thermometer factored in the windchill, it would have read 14 BELOW zero! And check out Washburn's frozen waterfall this morning. It's pretty spectacular up close and in person.

Today was miserable - but not cause of the cold. Actually, the bone-chilling negative 14 degrees was no big deal. i was dressed in several layers; two on my legs and four on my upper body, and a hat and earmuffs. My body stayed warm the whole time, even when i was seating a ton - which was the whole time. My fingers, now those i couldn't seem to keep warm, even with two pairs of gloves. Next time i'll just wear my ski gloves. Dave gave us surgical masks to wear over our face to combat the chill and to slightly warm the air before it entered our lungs. The problem was that the mask quickly became saturated with moisture from the warm air coming out of my mouth. Then it became hard to breathe in cause the mask would suck up against your face. So i would pull it down for a little bit - then it was frozen solid when i went to pull it back up. everyone had 'icecicles' on their eyelashes which caused the outer corners of our eyelids to freeze together as the lashes stuck together. But again, for me, the frigid air was not a big deal.

What WAS a big deal was the pain that i continue to have in my feet. at least my lower legs weren't hurting this AM, but my ankles and arches made it difficult for me to want to continue on. I am becoming more and more convinced that it is a sturctural issue with me.... it's just the way i'm made, for good or bad, that causes my hips, legs, and feet to track a certain way when i run. it's my "pattern" of running if you will. we all have one. unfortunately, mine may be such a way that causes pain because my feet don't hit the ground the way they should. Biomechanics is basically what i'm talking about (i think). The reason i feel it's more along these lines and not an injury is that the pain never gets worse or last beyond the run. it begins hurting soon after i start running and quits soon after i stop. But it's painful enough that 'psychologically' it would be detrimental for me to "work through it" for 26.2 miles; i probably wouldn't make it.

Taylor has a schoolmate who's dad is a physical therapist and a certified athletic trainer. I was talking with him about my "issues" Friday night and he said they perform free consultations and he'd evaluate me, check me out walking, running and other stuff to see if they can see something "mechanically" wrong with my running, or sturcturally wrong with my legs/feet in motion. I will be calling him first thing Monday morning to get in there. i've gotta get this figured out!

all else is well with the family. Josie is next to me making fart sounds with her mouth on her arm... nice. I'll let you know more when i do.

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Kim Turner said...

I hope that you are able to figure out the cause of the pain - my masters is in Sports Medicine and I agree that it sounds completely biomechanical. That is way better than an injury because it is correctable - it just takes mental focus.

Good luck - I'm still training!