Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another break in the routine

I went to class this morning, but didn't run. my knee is still bothering me. it felt "better" when i went to bed but was quite stiff and sore this AM. I will probably do some running on the elliptical machine tonight to get some low impact excercise in. I'm resting and icing when i can, but it's hard with family and a full time job. i'm going to research more on knee braces. there are all kinds out there and i have a couple myself, but i want to find one specifically for my needs (assuming i have "runners knee"). the pain feels like it encompasses the entire joint behind my kneecap. in the beginning i just had some pain below the knee cap and around the front but the pain felt more 'exterior' - not "inside" the joint but more surface pain. but now it feels like it is deep inside my knee joint, through to the back of my knee. it comes and goes. Like i said before, inactivity actually makes it feel worse. it usually feels a little better as i walk on it (but not too long).

i am going Thursday to get fitted for some custom orthotics. the over the counter ones felt good for the 30 seconds i wore them in the store, but they just aren't providing me the arch support that fits "my" foot. but seeing how even those orthotics seemed to help, am i even more optomistic about the custom inserts. It takes about a week to get them in. That's all for today! I'll try and post a picture tonight, so check back if you are reading this without a picture at the top.

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