Sunday, February 26, 2006

almost had it all

Tracy took Josie back into the doctor Saturday morning while i was running. i took her in thursday and her ears were fine. Friday morning she complained of ear pain. And Saturday morning they still hurt. Tracy took her in and she has a double ear infection! how do those things develop so fast?! so besides the infection, nasty cough and runny nose.... she's great. nothing slows her down.

It's probably a good thing that i wait half a day to post a blog following my runs/workouts - at least the Saturday runs. Because, right after the run and for the following few hours i still feel pretty good. But once the high of a successful runs wears off, all the discomforts and pains set it. And Saturday was no exception...

Saturday morning i got up late so i was worried about getting my food and liquids down with enough time to degest before the run. then i drank too much on the way to the run and began to feel bloated. Luckily the feeling went away. It was about 25 degrees out, but with that wind whipping around it felt every bit as cold as last week - and the first third and last sixth of the run was running into the wind.

I had my orthotic inserts in place. i had been stretching multiple times a day and it was all paying off. i never had significant lower leg and ankle pain!! i still had some discomfort, but very bearable. question of the day: what do you get when you wear a brand new pair of orthotics too long? if you said blisters, you are right!! and guess who wore his a tad too long? right again. at mile four and began to feel a painful spot just behind the ball of my foot. prior to that i did feel some general pain from the inserts and knew i needed to take them out. but finally, at mile six i sat down and took them out and carried on. within minutes my left arch began to hurt - so obviously the inserts were doing their job. but the sharp pain was gone. it was only when i got home and took my sock off that i saw the result of my choice to leave them in too long. not a big blister but an uncomfortable one all the same.

But i'll fast forward to the end. the nine miles felt pretty good. i was definitely "shot" by the end (actually at mile seven i was ready for it to be over) but i felt good and was so pleased that i wasn't fighting through excruciating leg and ankle pain. i also had the bright idea to try an "ice bath". i filled the tub about half full and dumped in three bags of ice i just bought. all it took was to put my first foot in to realize this was not for me. i lasted about ten seconds in that water. i didn't even get fully sat down. the pain of the freezing water was excruciating on my feet. i promptly drained the water and took a very warm shower instead (after letting the shower melt all the ice away).

a couple hours later my right knee bagan to hurt, and hurt bad. it didn't hurt at ALL on the run. but i iced it off and on all day yesterday. i'd like to think it was the five miles i ran without the orthotics that contributed to it, but who knows. Today it still hurts a good bit. sitting, or not moving is the worst (sitting on the couch for a while then getting up). i'll ice it some more tonight and tomorrow when i can. now that i seem to have found the culprit to my leg and ankle pain, the only thing that is causing me grief or worries about the marathon is this knee. i am resting it as much as i can and icing it when i can. the pain goes away, but returns after each long run. i will keep you posted.


kevin said...

on the ice bath - maybe you should be like a frog in boiling water. Sit in some cold water that you can bear and have tracy add a bag at a time. You know that you can put a frog in water and then turn the heat on and he will stay in there. But put him in boiling water and he will jump out. Kinda like we are with sin in our lives.

kevin said...

Oh and by the way josh and I sa you and bob running in front of the VA Hospital. I honked, figured you were in that crowd - but there was traffic coming behind us so we didn't identify which one of the bundled creatures you were.

familyman5 said...

that's a good idea Kevin (about the ice). Maybe i'll try it again sometime. sorry i didn't hear or notice you guys Saturday morning.


Wayne Martin said...

Thanks for including the picture of the family..I had not seen one of all of you for awhile. Glad you are getting some help with your running problems. Keep up the good work.