Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Marathon Journey Begins!

Day One... okay actually it's week three of my marathon training. I have enrolled in a marathon training class through Washburn University.I am glad to be in a class cause i'm forced to run. When i trained for the half marathon last summer, i really only trained two thirds of the time. When you have to run (train) alone, it's hard to do the long distances. and when you are sore on top of that - well, let's just say i watched more TV than i did my workouts.But getting back to the current training...

Today was really hard. i was already emotionally beat due to other personal issues, going into class this morning. AS we jogged out to our run destination (i.e. we hadn't yet started the training runs) i was having alot of pain in my ankles and achilles tendon on both legs. The pain never went away this morning. so today was the first day i have actually been angry about my soreness. i've ran a half marathon already! 13.1 miles! how do i get from that to having pain when i jog less than a quarter mile (or once around a track).i'm angry cause i feel like should be over the soreness. i'm angry cause i want to be running faster. i ran a respectible first time half marathon, yet today i'm struggling to keep with students who will likely finish the marathon an hour or two after me... (according to my half marathon time).id on't believe it's anything major. i had pain off an on last time, which was due to not running enough and running too much when i did run. That's another reason i took it slower today.

Not completing the marathon is not an option. i'm making this a fundraiser for Josie... i'm not going to take people's money and not finish (Lord willing). so i'm being extra cautious = running slower now. i have class Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work and then our long runs for distance are Saturday mornings. We just ran 6 miles this last Saturday. i'd like to try and "blog" each class day, but will at least commit to updating this journal once a week. so please, feel free to check back weekly. posting a comment would be great too. there is a link at the bottom of each blog (just below and to the right of this post). i need all the encouragement i can get throughout this process.

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