Saturday, August 07, 2010

I can't believe school just about to start again. where did the summer go? Cami's going to be a (gulp) Senior. Taylor's hitting the Jr. High scene as a 7th grader. Josie gonna be in 3rd. Here's a few things that have happened this summer (starting with most recent events)....

We went out to watch the Craig Treinen Jazz Quartet play out at Shawnee Lake. The weather was miserable but the music was great. I took a shot of Josie and Taylor at the nearby fountain on our way out:

In early July we had another train wreck a couple miles from our house. Same spot as the previous wreck but no bridge collapse this time. i don't think i eer heard what caused it. This is a photo i stitched together showing the whole wreckage:

Luckily the rain stopped in time for a fireworks show:

Josie participated in cheer camp again this summer. She came away with a spirit stick and a trophy. She was adamant that she did NOT want to do camp this year. ya, right:

The highlight of the summer happened at 14,036 feet. Taylor and i (and his youth group) climbed Mt. Sherman near Leadville, Colorado:

in late April and Early May both our 'barn cats' gave birth to kittens. This white one is Josie's favorite. She was the runt but man is she fiesty! she's pouncing on her mother in this photo:

We were able to take a mini vacation to Great Wold Lodge near Kansas City. It was our first time. It was a great time for a reasonable cost. we started the trip with Josie getting strep throat (we stopped by the doctors office on our way out of town). i stayed with her in the hotel room the first night:

We also made a getaway to Legends Mall for Memorial Day. it sour second annual trip:

Cami went to Prom in May. She wanted to take a picture with Josie:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sorry for the delay

Geez, i'm never gonna find the time to update this site regularly i guess.

Josie was released from the hospital the day after surgery and has recovered well - save one issue. her face has a reaction to the tape or adhesive they use during surgery. this breakout typically goes away in a matter of days. it didn't this time. we tried some ointment to knock it out. it seemingly got better but is now broken out again and is a little different in appearance. as i write this blog, Tracy is on the way to the dermatologist with Josie today to get his opinion. (i'd like to say i'll update you as soon as i find something out - but let's be real - i fail at that over and over, ha!) [update: Josie's recent break out was actually a type of psoriasis that's temporary. it was in response to the original reaction she had to the tap/adhesive. The Derm Dr gave us some cream and the breakout is gone now.]

Let's see, how many other things have happened since my last blog? it feels like a ton. i've been working on refacing the kitchen cabinet doors for what seems to be more than a month now. that is finally done and now i need to tile the backsplash.

This is the before (i already had the doors off)

This is the after (or after, still in progress)

We (State workers) began our furloughs this month. two down and two to go. having just one a week is better on the paycheck, but when it comes to stuff like working on the house (which is all i do it seems) - i would just assume have all four of them in one week. i could get so much more done! but hey, with the way the State budget is looking for this next fiscal year, i may get that opportunity afterall - possible a number of those week-long opportunities.

Taylor has begun baseball. his first three games (in three consecutive days) are this Thursday thru Saturday! and the way the weather is shaping up, there is a good chance all three could get rained out! This is a new team for him this season, but with some of his old teammates. he is identified as one of the pitchers, and at least in practice has spent the other time in the area of short stop and third. he really loves this new coach. he's one i have admired (the way he coaches) since i first saw him back in Taylor's T-Ball days. so i'm pleased Taylor got on his team this year. Taylor is pitching well. He is pitching faster, but he has to watch the accuracy. though slower last year, his strike accuracy was at least 75%. His cousin Tyler has been his pitching coach. [Update: first game was rained out. Taylor pitched the first 4 innings of the second game and held the opponents to 1 run. Unfortunately we lost in the end. The Third game Taylor was warming up to pitch but the game was called on run rule (in our favor) before he could get in there.]

Last Saturday Tayolor participated in the Wright Flight Program. through achieving educational goals this year and testing, he got to take a ride in a one-engine plane (and halp fly it) out of Billard Airport. this year was the largest group the school's had. it is a great program for the kids. unfortunately, it's one that is facing the budget chopping block. that's unfortunate.

Taylor with his pilot

Taylor snapped this of our high school football and baseball fields.

And for Cami - poor Cami. earlier last week she managed to break her nose by self-inflicted contact with her own knee. ya, that's right. i'm still fighting the urge to believe there's a larger story with that, ha! but anyway, she had surgery this morning to fix it (her nose was crooked and making it hard to breathe through it). the surgery went fast and her nose looks great! and it appears she will get the outer splint off just in time for prom.

and for Tracy and I? that's one of those areas easy to neglect and before you know it, it's been months since you had a date night. i think the last time we went out, officially was the Nebraska weekend in over Valentine's Day for John and Stasi Eldredge's book tour. Regardless of how hectic it is around the house and how full our plates are, we (I) really need to make 'away time' a priority for us. aside from that we are doing well - oh, and besides the sinus infection Tracy's dealing with right now. my back's been killing me from all the work and little rest. maybe all the expected rain days will be God's way of letting me slow down - if i'll let myself! [Update: this photo i took on Valentines Day as we make a pit stop on the way home from Nebraska.]

okay, HOPEFULLY, i'll get some pictures pasted in here for you as well in the near future. if there isn't any when you're reading this, just check back. [i finally got pictures added, and only a few days after the post - wow!]

Monday, March 29, 2010

Surgery Day Two

Josie got discharged around noon Saturday. We got home and Josie settled in just in time to watch K-State get knocked out of the championship run. :(

Josie is doing well - although she's spent about every waking hour playing the new game she got for her DS. She's been itching quite a bit and we found out Sunday that she's allergic to one of her medications so we got that changed later in the afternoon. We'll keep her home from school for a couple days. The doc doesn't want her participating in gym for 4-6 weeks! and no backpack! we may have to find her one on wheels again - but it's so close to the end of the school now... we may try to work something else out.

thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Surgery Day One

Last night Tracy and I took Josie and her best friend to Chuck-E-Cheese for some fun before the surgery.

I stayed up watching the AWESOME, double overtime, K-State win over Xavier last night. I didn't get to bed til around 11:45, then had to get up at 3:00 to get ready for the drive to the hospital. This photo is of Josie and I in the waiting aread. Then I dressed up in the white jumpsuite with booties, hat and mask to carry Josie to the operating room. i hold her while she's goes under. Last time i got a little too close to Josie's face and started feeling the effects of the anesthesia - whoops!

Here's Josie after she started waking up; holding the new kitty Grandma Wanda got her in the giftshop. nice purple color, eh?
Surgery went well. i took her back at 8:00AM, they actually started about 8:30 and finished about 10:00. We have such awesome doctors. During this surgery a plastic surgeon (Dr. Jiang) sewed in that extra layer of skin underneath hers and just over the titanium rods where they rub against the skin. the original plan was just to do the left side (where the rod sticks out the most), but did both sides because, "well, she was already 'open' and one sheet [of cadaver skin] costs $1800 [as he made a shape the size of a bread slice with his hands]." just doing one side would have wasted half the sheet of skin. this new layer gives Josie four layers of skin and an extra surface for the rod to slide under. ithought that was really cool of him. then we start talking about the follow up appt and he's looking at his phone (the calendar i assume). he asks me for my cell number and a few seconds later says, "i jsut texted you my [personal] cell number" if anything should come up with Josie. man, i am a Dr. Jiang fan!! he's awesome.
Hopefully we'll get discharged tomorrow morning. oh, we did get a private room. they had 60 surgeries scheduled today and they cautioned everybody that doubling up in rooms could be a possibility. phew. i hope tomorrow's update is sent to you from home. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Inventer and Bubble Girl

Josie learned to blow a bubble last week! she was pretty excited!

Taylor modified an old RC vehicle so that Josie had a vehicle her barbies could ride in...

Josie dressed herself plenty warm to go outside with me while i shoved the drive this weekend.

Josie likes Dad's cool hat...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2nd Grade Musical

Josie had her musical Monday night. it was about a 'Mrs. Scrooge' type teacher. cute. and no, josie isn't on a lower step that her peers to the right and left. :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

The last month

I think the last thing i posted about was getting knocked out of the State football playoffs. that was disappointing but hey, the two teams that knocked off the number 1 and 2 seeds (us and Conway Springs) were the ones who ended up playing for the state title. and the team that beat out #1 is who ended up taking the championship. that seems fitting to me.

what else has been happening? SNOW!! there could certainly be more but i've enjoyed what we've gotten so far since Winter hasn't even officially started.
my home office is FINALLY complete!! okay, there's still some decorating to do but the 'remodel' is complete and it's functional.

we did the annual breakfast and tree-finding the day ofter Thanksgiving. though, for the second year we've found our 'real' tree at Home Depot. if our local farms could grow better trees, we'd go back to hunting one down ourselves. but i do love the Frasier Fur we got again.

That weekend Taylor and i built a house for the kitties at Josie's request as she was worried about them getting cold.

Taylor and Josie built their own snowmen with the 2nd snowfall of the season.

We were driving to town (Silver lake) from the house a couple nights ago and the car in front of us hit a deer - just south of NW 46th and Hoch Rd. i saw the deer come from the right and thought the driver might have enough time to stop. he wasn't going too fast cause he clipped the deer's hind end with the front drivers side bumper, sending the deer into a tail spin in the other lane - still very much alive and kicking around but unable to get up. the Sheriff likely arrived a short time later to 'take care of it'. Josie was worried about the deer and was not told of what lay ahead for it.

as i seem to write so many other times, i know there are likely things i have left out (forgotten). if they come to me, i'll post them. there is one other change; Josie's next rib surgery that was scheduled for February 19 had to be pushed back another week due to the Dr's travel schedule. it is now scheduled for February 26.